Cliff Arnebeck and campaign 2016

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Meme about the June 7th primary day. Current delegate count has Hillary with 2,203 delegates. Superdelegates cannot vote as delegates–She cannot get to 2383 before the end of the primary season. Since this was posted, recounts of absentee and affidavit ballots have reduced HRC’s lead.

(This was written a few weeks ago. I’m releasing it on the eve of the actual floor vote for the DNC nominee. It looks like a done deal, even with the impending Wikileaks dump tomorrow. But I’d like some of the Hillary acolytes to know why Bernie supporters (or at least THIS supporter and his friends) are so angry)

The name Cliff Arnebeck was not known to me before Lee Camp told his story on Redacted Tonight. The name is known now, and it may be known soon to much of the rest of America. But that’s getting ahead of our story, which is the winding-down of the Democratic primary/pissing fight between Bernie and Hillary. 

Those of you who’ve followed this blog know that there were serious questions about the vote totals in previous Democratic state primariesMy friend Elliot Crown has become something of a YouTube persona, with multiple views of his testimony on machine voting in New York. There’s been much sniping back and forth about all this–many of Hillary’s backers have used the phrase ‘sour grapes’ and ‘whiners’ to describe the Sanders activists and their anger. Sarah Silverman just told Sanders supporters ‘you’re being ridiculous’.  

Meanwhile, Lee Camp went nuts over vote rigging back in June. But not without reason. Greg Palast, the man who blew the whistle on the theft of elections in 2000 and 2004 has also weighed in here about what he considers the theft of the primary. Lee Camp was apoplectic on the lack of coverage of allegations of voter fraud and vote rigging on the part of the DNC in favor of Hillary Clinton. One would think that the many allegations of DNC election fraud would’ve become a major story mainstream media, even if only to disprove it. And now we know (or we should know) why this story never got any traction. It’s clear from the first Wikileaks dump that the DNC was managing MSM and would not let the story of DNC manipulation of the vote become a thing.

And that brings us back to Lee Camp and Cliff Arnebeck, who is national co-chair and attorney for the Alliance of Democracy. Arnebeck has been specializing in cases of voter fraud and voter disenfranchisement for several years. He (and his associates) are the reason we don’t have a President Romney–Arnebeck was able to shut down an attempt to ‘flip’ Ohio red in 2012. Camp covers the story better than I do, so you can give a few minutes to his video here. Anyway, two weeks ago, Arnebeck wrote a letter of congratulations to Bernie Sanders for WINNING the DNC Nomination (the letter is here). And in Mid-June, Arnebeck filed a lawsuit over his allegation that the vote was stolen. A quote from the press release: 

“We are going to be filing a racketeering lawsuit under the Ohio Racketeering law, the strongest in the country and we can bring in every state, our RICO statute is coextensive with the federal RICO statute… So they’re nailed,” said Cliff Arnebeck.

Arnebeck, an election lawyer, got his J.D. from Harvard and is the chair of the Legal Affairs Committee of Common Cause Ohio and a national co-chair and attorney for the Alliance of Democracy. He will be joined by Bob Fitrakis, an election lawyer and political science professor, as co-counsel.

Computer security expert Stephen Spoonamore, who worked with Arnebeck on exposing GOP election fraud in Ohio has noted that when exit poll data varies more than 2% from electronic vote totals, the electronic vote totals are questionable (the blogsite is here).

And that’s where we are the night before we go to Philadelphia for what may be a floor fight between Bernie’s supporters and the DNC. To me, this is pretty basic. Either you have a democracy or you don’t. If every vote doesn’t count, if powerful entities can rig the vote for favored candidates, why should we pretend? (memo to those who’ve read this postyeah, technically we haven’t had a democracy since that day in Dallas. But we should do a better job of pretending, right?)

see ya.


Feeling proud of our first Woman nominee? By the way, we wouldn’t know about this if it weren’t for Chelsea Manning.


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