Pssst! Your Privilege is Showing!: Hypersincerity with Trevor Noah

A friendly, chatty evisceration of Tomi Lahren (post-interview with, and courtesy of) Trevor Noah. Essay by Andrea Sheridan Laurencell. Ms. Lahren is ostensibly being primed by the Alt Right to take over the position of post-feminist arm-candy being vacated by Ann Coulter now that plastic surgery has met its match. To me, Lahren is the personification of the Gloria Upson character in the movie AUNTIE MAME. I kept waiting for her to launch into a story about her lost ping-pong ball at the club.


“I’m in the lions’ den, Trevor.”

This is how Tomi Lahren chooses to begin her segment on the November 30 episode of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.  Noah jokingly asks if that’s a comment on his being African.

Tomi Lahren is the embodiment of one of the two sides of the Trump supporters who have irked “the rest of us” for the past 18 months.  (Of course, there are some tolerable Trump supporters. Probably. Somewhere.)

Most Trump supporters are the non-college educated white voters. According to the Pew Research Center:

In the 2016 election, a wide gap in presidential preferences emerged between those with and without a college degree. College graduates backed Clinton by a 9-point margin (52%-43%), while those without a college degree backed Trump 52%-44%. This is by far the widest gap in support among college graduates and non-college graduates in exit polls…

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