Hey, Donald, About the Taxes…

trump white trash

a fun Trump image found on Pinterest. Now I have to write ‘President’

It’s too late to bring it up as an issue that would affect votes, but where’s Donald’s Tax returns? I imagine that Mitt Romney must be plenty p*ssed that Trump never showed us what he has paid in income taxes and was elected anyway. We know (thanks to Marla Maples, probably) that Trump had claimed a Billion dollar loss that had been pro-rated over the years and caused him to not pay income taxes for at least a decade. 

If you’ve read my commentary here over the past 18 months, you know I didn’t want Trump elected. What left me gobsmacked was that the information about Trump’s perfidies was all available–and NOBODY FOLLOWED UP. I blogged links to work by various journalists over the years, even the articles by David Cay Johnston indicating that Trump probably hadn’t paid ANY income taxes for decades. Did the Media follow up? Did anybody look into it? Or was Trump such good news for media (which got big boosts in viewership from covering him) that they were reluctant to put the knife in? 

Really old people (not saying I qualify) might remember the career of Dick Tuck, a fifties era DNC strategist in California who was focused like a laser on Dick Nixon, a man he hated. Tuck’s strategy was largely sabotage of Nixon events–photo ops gone sour, speeches ruined. Nixon had a whistlestop  speech given from the back of a train when he was running for senate that was abruptly cut short when Tuck dressed as a conductor and had the train pull away when Nixon was in mid-sentence. But Tuck pulled off his best gaslighting of Nixon in a place he considered a sanctuary. When Nixon was running for governor of California, there was a scandal of payoffs by Howard Hughes to Nixon’s brother Donald. On one of the last days before the election, Nixon spent the entire day fending off increasingly hostile questions from journalists and mocking chants from voters. Nixon and his inner circle retired to a Chinese restaurant that evening to lick their wounds and plan for the next day. And that’s when Dick Tuck attacked–when the dinner check came (complete with fortune cookies), all of the fortunes read “what’s the deal with Donald Nixon and Howard Hughes?”. According to eye-witnesses, Nixon had a five alarm fire level meltdown, complete with screaming.

I bet you could get Trump to that point pretty easily.

We need a modern-day Dick Tuck to just show up at every speaking engagement for Trump or his losers. The sign says ‘where’s the tax returns?’. Just that.

Somebody want to start a gofundme campaign for bail money and major medical (those broken bones don’t heal themselves) for the sorts of street protesters who could make this happen?

Elliot pic

Elliot Crown During the primary election. Don’t blame Trump on him.


  1. Why do I have a feeling Trump will release his taxes either after he leaves office or after he passes away and a his family releases them.

    1. Brian I don’t think you should trust your feelings. From the latest information from David Cay Johnston, Trump is about to be indicted for racketeering in NY S. https://www.rawstory.com/donald-trump-2656067519/?fbclid=IwAR2erFdl-fbyo9xMzjWrVF3zaWIPBCb08GhJG3K2R9a6HW4lH17Rk0Z0cio

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