‘Technology hurtz my Brains!’ and bad news from the world.


The ‘Gumbys’ from Monty Python. Or a photo of the WH IT staff. Whatever.

Some interesting plots that hatch in the face of rank stupidity

Two major technical glitch events happened to the Trump team today. First, the poor schlub/Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who’s been tasked with trying to put a high-gloss sheen on Trump’s ratsh*t comments, apparently tweeted his Twitter password. Not clear if he’s been hacked yet, but much amusement on the interwebs.


looks like a generic password to me. You?

And to add to the merriment, it looks like the POTUS Twitter account is now linked to a standard, non-secure Gmail account that Der Drumpf (or someone on his staff) was using to email. 


screen capture of the attempt to reset the POTUS account password.

I would be happy to be the person who reminded the hapless WH staffers that they are now WH Staffers because of sloppy ITSEC practices of Hillary Clinton and staff. But numerous articles this afternoon pointed to a lackadaisical attitude toward security–unmonitored email servers, lack of password protocol, use of commercial products like Gmail, which does not have the security necessary to fend off attempts of hacking mayhem.

Obviously I shouldn’t have to remind them–But someone else had better do so.

I’m also posting in the light of the Trump administration’s unprecedented lock-down of information from government workers. The WH wants to manage all communications coming out. A few government-employee rebels have already challenged Trump’s edict. ‘Rogue NASA’ and someone from Badlands National Park have both taken to Twitter to put out information that is contrary to the Trump administration’s no-climate-change-no-really stance. 

There’s also a matter of security against those bad bad Russian Hackers. But that’s not what engages me tonight. I’m not concerned about what confidential/ secret/top secret information might inadvertently be shared by Trump and friends. It’s the public pronouncements coming from the POTUS. As someone pointed out on NPR’s Marketplace a night or so ago, Trump’s every pronouncement is listened to by financial markets and military analysts. A brusque comment by Trump condemning the price of a new Air Force One caused stock prices for Boeing to go into a  billion dollar tailspin for a few hours. Trump says every ephemeral thing on his mind in his ‘out-loud’ voice. When that includes Twittered speculation about challenging China in the Sea of Japan, bad things can happen. 

 So (he says conspiratorially as he leans in to whisper). Here’s my idea.

If you’ve been following me since I started this enterprise five years ago, you would remember that the theme I’ve returned to again and again since 2012 is ‘They don’t plan to tell us‘. From economic disaster to depletion of oil to (my current black swan) runaway warming leading to human extinction in the near term, my theme has been that nobody will come forward and tell the people what’s on the way. I don’t think the plutocrats have an escape plan, but I know that their lives will be infinitely easier if the rest of us don’t know what they know. That means no one in the media (and certainly no one in the government) will ever step in front of a webcam and say ‘Folks, it’s over’. We’ll be finding out that the planet’s oxygen is gone about the time the 1% have strapped on their respirators. So long suckers!


We know that the current administration’s comsec is a disaster. If someone had gotten on this issue earlier today, we could’ve been the Cassandras. The men and women who’ve looked into the abyss would have 140 character stage on which to play out the penultimate message that is haunting climate activists worldwide–that our days are of extremely short number. And that means growth is over. That means we’d know. That means we could spend however many years we have left owing to Near Term Human Extinction in a state of freedom from the tyranny of expectation for things to get better. It means we could embrace Planet Hospice and the love we need to share amongst ourselves in a short time frame.

I therefore ask my friends in the NTHE community–draft out the 140 characters that would best explain the nature of our coming end. A technological haiku of sorts, to be delivered on POTUS Twitter when his lack of attention to detail kicks in. Comments below call to you in their siren-like song.


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