Climate Change Beyond the Climate Tipping Point

A reminder that while ‘Muricans are being distracted by politics, we are ignoring the runaway nature of global heating, which now threatens all life in the near term. As the late Dr. Albert Bartlett pointed out in his analysis of the doom facing us in the near term, “”The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.”

Kevin Hester

It is imperative that people understand the exponential nature of where our climate catastrophe is and how it will quickly unravel.

We were lied to about the ‘safety’ of a 2C temperature increase, when in fact 2C was always going to trigger a multitude of “Tipping points” that would ensure the unraveling of the bio-sphere that all of the complex life on this planet depends.

It is important to remember that  there is a 10 to 30 year lag between the emission of carbon and when we can see the consequences manifest.
Sixty-three percent of all human-generated carbon emissions have been produced in the last 25 years.

Myself and Professor Guy McPherson will be touring NZ in November 2016 giving the people of New Zealand mine and Professor McPherson’s perspective on what we are calling ” The Great Unraveling”.
Facebook Event here;

Brilliant video on Tipping points from Joe Tyndall…

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  1. Just wanted to introduce myself. Dan’s name was given to me by Guy McPherson as a kindred spirit about Abrupt Climate Change, since there doesn’t appear to be any groups in NYC pertinent to it. Guy said Dan did a one-man play about it. More than anything I’d like to connect to discuss this existential event, since absolutely nobody I know has the cognitive fortitude to take this baby on.

    Hope to hear from you.

    1. I have emailed you some information about myself. There is a link to the next production of Planet Hospice, as part of the Tampa International Fringe Festival in May.

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