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Planet Hospice Tampa

A little over a week ago, I was in beautiful Tampa Florida at the Tampa International Fringe Festival. I was performing my play PLANET HOSPICE (A Theatrical Romp through Human Extinction). It’s a new play, a comedy (to the degree the subject matter allows) and it deals with the serious subject of whether we’re past the point of no return on climate.

And the dangedest thing happened!

OSA Creations, a theater/arts ministry in Washington Heights, wants me to do my play PLANET HOSPICE there as part of the Creation Arts Show opening event that asks the question WHO IS MY NEIGHBOR? It’s an outreach ministry for the Our Saviors Atonement Lutheran Church.  I’ve been associated with them before (they had me do my play THE STORY OF FALLING DON a few years ago) and they’re nice people open to multiple points of view. before has asked me to come up to Washington Heights and perform as part of their opening weekend in June. So (unless things change drastically), I’ll be doing another go-round of PLANET HOSPICE on June 3rd. Get there for the reception at 6 PM, play starts at 7. They have had a talk-back event afterwards. I’m no David Mamet–bring it on.

Address: OSA Lutheran Church is located at 178 Bennett Avenue, near 189 Street and one block west of Broadway. The #1 Train has a tunnel from their station to Bennett, so just head down the tunnel if you arrive by train. Here are directions.

Special bonus! I think it will be free! If it isn’t free, it will be very inexpensive.

Are you psyched? I’m psyched!

And it’s gonna be great! Balloons! Puppets! Hockey sticks! Yeast Sex! (yes, I talk about yeast sex). And cheap! And the joy of living a short life well.

Details to follow in the next few days!

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