Abrupt Climate Change Moving Forward Exponentially

Kevin Hester speaks to Rob Steimetz about the exponential nature of the global warming we’ve seen. Kevin tells it like it is, and he’s on the ground watching as the climate comes unraveled. He speaks with passion and sadness, and he’s giving out more information than I find in monitoring the NTHE message boards. It’s more than worth your time.

Kevin Hester

Rob Steimetz and Kevin Hester discuss the non-linear unraveling of the biosphere and the attendant unfolding chaos on Rob’s show on PRN.FM “Moving Forward”

Abrupt climate change is well and truly underway and anyone honestly assessing the situation can see that the nonlinear unraveling of the biosphere is gaining pace by the day. The new denier position is that we are still in linear climate change which is patently untrue. Everyone on the planet is being lied to about the severity of the crisis;

Canvassed in the above embedded interview are the coming climate change and habitat wars and the consequences of the imminent collapse of industrial civilisation with the attendant melt down of 450 nuclear power stations and 1200 spent fuel pool fires which will be infinitely worse than the meltdowns. In the U.S. alone “when we consider that 34 nuclear plants lie downstream from more than 50 dams

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