I Have a Ph.D. and I am on Welfare

I find this so sad, but also very much in tune with what my friends are finding– pursuing education in furtherance of career is not a working model anymore. I could go work as an adjunct right now, but I would make less money per hour than I would for doing word-processing as a temp. We’re becoming a banana republic, where the only jobs seem to be those that involve making wealthy tourists happy.

Xicana Ph.D.

I thought the real challenge would be finishing the Ph.D. as a single mother who overcome so many obstacles to be where I was walking across a stage with my son in my arms to have a doctoral hood placed over my head was one of my proudest moments. I thought I had overcome the most difficult challenges, but I was wrong.

I had began my higher education as a community college student ill-prepared for college coursework, along with supporting myself and working multiple jobs, I was placed on academic probation and dismissal my first year. In other words, I was kicked out of community college. I returned a year later and later transferred to UC Santa Cruz where I finished my Bachelors. I then moved to Seattle to pursue my graduate degrees at the University of Washington. Almost as soon as I could after defending my dissertation, I madeā€¦

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  1. Why don’t you invent something useful? You expect government to pay you because you are so effing smart?

  2. Additionally, education is the heaviest subsidized industry in this country. If you can’t get paid well for that, then someone in the university is hogging up all the money already.

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