Banksy visits my Neighborhood!!

A former gas station a few blocks from my Nabe in Brooklyn (the one being gentrified, don’tcha know) has been struck by street artist Banksy. Local news coverage drew folks to the site this AM, so I showed up with my camera. What’s weird is I have walked past this wall several times over the past few evenings, and might have even been passed it when it was being painted a few nights ago. I can see how somebody might have been able to paint it in a few minutes, but I can’t believe they’d get away with doing the painting for any extended length of time.

banksy wall

the site this AM. Local taggers have gotten to it already.

The plywood sign was apparently a new addition. It’s done a bit too well for me to think it was done by local amateurs.

banksy love sign

Other commentary at the Banksy painting. Note that someone put a copyright symbol next to the wall mural.

gas station smaller

the gas station facing the wall (seal picture on the right of the attendant door). I’m thinking the owners hope someone offers them big money for the lot, the better to erect a Condominium.

Speaking of the Seal…

banksy seal

unremarked on by local electronic media. 

The gas station has been closed for a few months, and based on local events, I’d suspect it’s being groomed for a condo development. That seems to be the only thing being built in Brooklyn these days.

The site is at Avenue I and Coney Island Avenue inBrooklyn. Hurry–people seem to be swarming it and ‘improving’ the art.

Copyright© 2018, DM Kinch

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