“Hottest May in 124 years”–derp

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A graphic courtesy of Sam Carana. Self explanatory–Pakistan has been in a nearly constant state of ‘wet bulb’ temperatures over a few days, and the ‘official’ death toll clearly doesn’t match the thousands who’d been affected.

Such was the headline we’ve been greeted with in recent days by ‘responsible’ media outlets. Whether it was the Weather Channel or the New York Post, the same talking point–mostly it was ‘the hottest May in 124 years’. Most readers seeing the story (whether on their local news stand or in their ‘internets feed’) and probably the few who have the story on their radar might say “what the heck was happening in 1894?”

What was happening in 1894 was the world was setting up a common system of meteorology including temperature measurements consistent across the globe. It wasn’t that hot in 1894. Reality is that you’d probably have to go back to the point when the Polar ice caps were melted down as much as they are now, which would be 2.6 million years ago. That’s before hominids had evolved to anything like a ‘human’ state

Would modern people perhaps have some sense of panic over the fact that temperatures hadn’t been this high for two million years? What would happen if media started reports that way? As I recently pointed out, in a January speech in Chicago, esteemed professor Dr. James Anderson was pointing out that loss of Arctic ice would lead to human extinction in five years. Not ‘by 2100’, mainstream media’s favorite deadline. 

Yes, the US has a constitutional crisis at work. But it isn’t the only issue we face. It isn’t even the most important. 

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“Next up–will widespread climate driven deaths spoil President Trump’s second term?”

In the meantime, it might be useful if MSM would stop using ‘124 years’ and other such balderdash as a metric of where we are climate-wise.


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