Video on wet bulb extinction

COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION–A short (<5 min) version of the extinction scenario most of us in the doomer cult anticipate in the near future when Arctic ice goes away. I’ve already posted about wet bulb, but this has pretty colorful cartoons and animation. Thanks to Kevin Hester for bringing it to my attention.

I’ve posted other pieces about the issue of Wet Bulb and the other calamities we face that will end the Human dance on earth in a few short years. In the meantime, this video is just long enough for a quick glass of rye. My personal recommendation is WhistlePig 12. It ain’t cheap, but as Eagles alumnus Don Henley once wrote, you don’t see hearses with luggage racks. 

I’d say more but you get it. Remember, there’s a lot more things going on than Donald Trump scandals, who (as friend David points out) is our LAST PRESIDENT.

Good luck this coming week. 



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