Seventeen years gone– 9-11 and Michael Ruppert

From Collapse, a documentary about Michael C. Ruppert. Worth your time.


Below is a link to a document put together in the crazy days immediately following the 9/11 attack on the US. Michael C Ruppert, an individual I’ve written about here, was on the government’s radar for most of his life–both of his parents were CIA operatives, and he had a Q clearance (beyond Top Secret) as a child because his father routinely brought home highly sensitive documents. He was fast-tracked for promotion in the LAPD (and eventual transfer to the CIA), but he brought it all down when he publicly confronted then-CIA director John Deutch in a town hall over the CIA aiding the cocaine trade in Los Angeles. He was a journalist, and his years in law enforcement gave him a map of which news sources were routinely ignored. and he updated the article as best he could as the years passed.

Fast forward to 2001, when planes flew into the WTC. I consider myself a 9/11 survivor (I’ve written about it here and here). In the days after 9/11, I was increasingly dismayed by the way the ‘official story’ was being crafted. I was drawn to Ruppert’s work because he kept asking questions about 9/11 that stopped being asked by everyone else. 

Therefore, in honor of the upcoming anniversary of the attack, I share with you one of what I consider to be Ruppert’s most important works. He compiled all the questions about 9/11 that were never answered. And he titled it with an amazingly kitschy title recognizable to most boomer generation readers. That makes it really really easy to Google.


The link to the story is here. 

picture of me 10 years ago

I’m sitting by the window that faced the towers on 9/11


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