More on the ones who know

Bill McKibben gave a revealing speech two years ago.

The video above was shot in early 2016– Bill McKibben was speaking to people getting arrested for blocking a new pipeline. Hint(if you don’t have nine minutes to waste): McKibben knew by 2016 that the fight to save the earth was lost. and accidentally spilled the beans at a speech he gave in April 2016. But he sure as sh*t didn’t call out the Obama administration, or the W administration or (God Forbid) the Clinton administration for looking the other way. I alluded to this in my previous post THEY ALL KNEW.

This series was kicked off over the Trump administration rescinding the Obama era rules on car emissions and fuel mileage. The ruling as passed by the previous administration is garbage anyway, and the Democrats whining about it knew (or should have known) that it wouldn’t do the job. Obama knew what we were facing when he pushed through this feel-good nonsense. And several years ago, I pinpointed this issue. The Democrats believe stupid stuff. Not quite as stupid as Republicans who believe that women can’t get pregnant from Rape, but along the same lines. The people who were paying attention KNEW that we couldn’t solve our AGW crisis by recycling or buying e-cars or going for a hemp economy (one of the dumbest assertions in the sad history of environmentalism). And ostensibly, some of the climate scientists knew as well. James Hansen thinks we can fix things by switching to nuclear power.  Michael Mann did a heroic turn by taking on the climate deniers who rejected his ‘hockey stick’ formula, but he’s been saying variations of ‘disaster is 20 years away’ for more than 20 years. 

I dropped in on four ‘youth climate’ protests over the summer. Lots of people marching, lots of sentiment.  (though small by NYC standards–maybe a thousand or so. I have some pics to share.

economy environment.jpg

I had to take this one because she’s sporting my favorite statement by Guy McPherson. July, Youth Climate event.

march fossil fuel guy

Same march.  This guy (and the several-dozen people following him) was not acquainted with the concept of ‘global dimming’ aka the aerosol effect. One of their company got quite adamant about my telling the followers that stopping all CO2 emissions would also be disastrous.

August brought this march (which I’m not in because I was wearing the death shroud and it was hard to get any journalists to take my pic)

NYrising climae march

NY Rises Climate protest in September. It was the hottest September day I’ve ever marched in.

My point is that lots of money goes into the organizing of these events, plus passion and caring and hope in a hopeless world. And the people organizing them ALL KNOW WHAT I KNOW. That being the fact that there’s no fix to our current predicament. 

If you think me showing up in the Death Shroud and telling folks the Real Deal would help, I’m up for it. I do a funny little play about extinction and I voice a plan B (but I’m not talking about it unless we engage). 

Planet Hospice Tampa

But the folks who are using the climate activism movement as another revenue stream or publicity hook need to be called out. all the bad guys need to be called out. Because they all know.



  1. Could send me link to McKibben’s April speech?
    The one where “he spilled the beans”.Would love to see it

  2. The video above is the one I’m referencing if I wasn’t clear.

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