UPDATE: Children’s Lawsuit on climate approved

climate kids

I’d written about this a couple months ago. This is the case of children and young people suing the US Federal government over climate change. If you need to catch up, you can look up my earlier article (link above). 

Those of us following the trial knew that would not be the end of the government’s attempts to keep the case from going forward. And we were right–the case was heard by our new Supreme Court, which includes a new justice who would seem to be hostile to the idea of taking the government to trial. 


From The Jerusalem Post: 

The loss for the administration means it now faces a high-profile examination of US climate change policy during the trial that was due to begin on October 29 in Eugene, Oregon but has since been pas since been postponed by the judge.

There’s no way to tell how this will resolve itself. Remember, the Trump administration is now saying it’s too late to stop climate change, so there’s no reason to proceed with the trial. But that said, there will be a hearing on climate change in a US court. Interested in seeing how it comes out.



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