The Norwegian Blue Society FB page.

If you followed the career of Monty Python, you’ll understand. 

One of the British comedy group’s more celebrated bits was the ‘Norwegian Blue’ sketch. It took place in a petshop, and an aggrieved customer showed up with a parrot the shop had sold him even though the parrot was dead. You need to view it to understand:

(if the Youtube guys take this link down, you can find the link here).

The Dead Parrot sketch had a cult following to the point where Monty Python’s 50th anniversary was marked by someone building a giant dead parrot sculpture near the London Bridge.

dead parrot

Anyway, some local friends in the NTHE movement became enamored of the metaphor of a dead parrot as a means to show our parlous circumstances. We had a little group when this came up, but we stopped meeting (too depressing) So we never had an official t-shirt or coffee mug with a logo. 

And now I’m keeping track of the tsunami of bad news about our climate and the possibility that we’ll all be extinct by 2030. I used to share the articles here from time to time, but there’s simply too much bad news coming–there were times last week when I could have posted every hour and still not kept up with all the news. 

Welcome to the NORWEGIAN BLUE SOCIETY. It’s a FB page I created to keep track of all the articles that need to be archived about our plight. It is by no means the perfect way to do this, but the FB groups I already belong to can’t be archived very well. I kept finding myself unable to find the articles on climate that seemed to mesh with each other. Extinction level temperatures in Bristol? Funny, that’s happening in Germany too!. 

If you want some sobering reading, just click here.

I hope this is useful. You’re welcome.


  1. That’s not London Bridge – it’s Tower Bridge! You’re welcome.

  2. That’s not London Bridge. It’s Tower Bridge. You’re welcome

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