Our Stoopid Country

epstein b&w

The late Jeffrey Epstein, currently checking into HELL

For those joining us late, Jeffrey Epstein has apparently taken his own life in NY’s own MCC, one of the most secure jail facilities in the US prison system. He was on suicide watch, and had an earlier ‘incident’ a few weeks ago when bunking with an ex-cop. He thus secured his own cell and suicide watch and that’s where he was when he took his life. I think there are better sources than here to look up what he was accused of doing that put him in jail in the first place. It involved dozens of underage girls he forced to have sex with himself and (ostensibly) famous and rich men he wanted to influence. 

The picture above is from a post by Michael Moore and echoes my thoughts when I awoke to the news of Epstein’s passing. “I guess they think a country dumb enough to elect Trump is stupid enough to believe Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide. Or not.” In this case, the ‘They’ Moore refers to are the plutocrats of society. The timing of this act dove-tails with a release of 2,000 documents related to the case (not pages–documents).  The fact that someone has now linked President Trump to Epstein’s crimes probably upped the ante on whether Epstein would rat out his friends. UPDATE: Epstein’s first ‘suicide attempt’ was probably a murder attempt initiated by his cellmate, an ex cop facing murder charges in a cocaine ring bustepstein mar

The circumstances of his passing are extremely suspicious, and as many of you might know I’m a bit of a Conspiracy Theorist. I think I made my feelings about the rapidity of the news and its internal contradictions pretty clear Here

Utter horseshit–the worst-engineered conspiracy since Jack Ruby got past the entire Dallas PD to kill Oswald. possibly the most dangerous potential government witness since Michael Cohen, and someone whose trial would have exposed some really important people and –JUST LIKE THAT–he’s dead? And none of the MSM talking heads are asking hard questions (of course). Every person in the Prison’s chain of command should have an ankle bracelet snapped on and forensic accountants looking for financial transactions.

But that’s probably the end of the horrible tale of Jeffrey Epstein and his multi-decade swing through sexual assault of America’s children. And he’s in no position to tell us of the other participants in his fun little ‘rape society’.  The memes of his fellow rapists won’t go away, of course. 

trump epstein

Our Attorney General has already sounded off on this incident, labeling it a suicide. In such events in the past it has been customary for the AG to demur to forensics and an ME report. For AG Barr to rush to judgment on this case should give everyone the creepy feeling we should get when the fix is in. A wag at Forbes tweeted this: 

bill pats suicide 

The fights over the ‘truth’ of his death are going to go on for months if not years, and meanwhile there’s a toxic pall over the narrative of Jeffrey Epstein–not only about his rapes of children and his friendship with political figures, but over the anger of what he represented–it’s the story of the ‘Pizza Gate restaurant’ where (rumors had it) children were being molested, only brought real. And not a product of the Democrats, but a bi-partisan billionaire who had lots of money with no real source for it. A day after the news, this meme is getting a real workout:


NOT a conspiracy construct–all linked together. Hardly any need for a Mark Lane to tie it all up.

Some of you might note I have a play about conspiracy entitled TWENTY BLOCKS NORTH OF THE ROCK PILE. It’s a play about a man caught up in the 9/11 conspiracy theories, a star crossed child who watched on TV in his pre-school as JFK’s ostensible assassin was himself gunned down by a Dallas nightclub owner who somehow got past all of Dallas’ police without challenge. A conspiracy theorist before Kindergarten, and in the end (after going through 9/11 while living in NYC) he decides that he no longer wants to be part of a country that is so ready to dissemble. If you believe the information released by the Church Committee and after, the intelligence community has had a hand in numerous ‘unexplained’ events starting well before the Bay of Pigs. You don’t need to have read David Talbot’s THE DEVIL’S CHESSBOARD to know that there’s ample reason to distrust the gummit.

I’m an admitted conspiracy theorist, something I’ve explained in this blog. I’ve written about JFK’s shooting, the assassination of MLK, the setting up of members of Occupy for assassination, 9/11, and a plethora election heists. What has been the case for my lifetime is that Americans don’t get angry about conspiracies.  America has eventually looked the other way when there’s evidence of official malfeasance. I was taken aback by the negative reaction to my play  TWENTY BLOCKS NORTH OF THE ROCK PILE when it was presented at the Orlando Fringe, because many of the people I know have never doubted that the Commission did not look in the abyss about the discrepancies in the science and the provable allegations about insiders. Ditto for JFK’s murder. But somehow Americans put the contradictions out of their minds. There was work, dammit! You were thisclose to buying that brand new ’64 Impala, so why you want to worry yourself over that thing in Dallas? Those people didn’t know your name and didn’t care what you think, but life was good. You wanna mess with that?

The same reality was somewhat true after 9/11. The economic hiccup we were looking at in 2001 was made to go away after 9/11, when W juiced the markets and told people the best thing they could do is shop. And so everybody went home and didn’t object overmuch to the disastrous wars that followed. There were the usual miscontents, of course–in NY, hundreds of thousands marched against the ‘war based on lies’ (as characterized by George Galloway), and it looks like we were right and nobody has apologized for doubting us (if they have, they haven’t apologized to ME). But conspiracy theorists that we were, we were in the minority. 

And that brings me to close this up–which I have to do because every few hours, some new piece of information blows up. The latest is information leaked by the alt right site 4Chan which states that they knew 30 minutes before anybody else that Jeff was in the ‘really, really low fat‘ club. My point in all of this is that in my life there have been all kinds of ‘hard to explain’ instances in American politics and while most left a residue of hangers- on believing in the conspiracy, most ‘Muricans went back to work and muttered something over their Michelob Ultra  and think about that bigger house in the exurbs they’ll move to if the raise comes through. What makes the conspiracies different this time is that the Empire can’t buy our silence. Things aren’t getting better, and the people running the show can’t trade complicity in their obvious lies for ‘champagne wishes and caviar dreams’ as they did in 1963 or 1972 or 9/11. Something seriously effed up just blew up and being silent about the lies isn’t going to be the smart move anymore. It’s bad enough for the rest of the world to look at us as the ‘Stoopid Country‘ . It’s even worse when you’re the ‘stoopid poor country’ where the people in charge won’t even bother trying to buy your silence by letting you have the occasional doctor appointment.

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