Nature Bats Last speaks to Dr. Paul Ehrlich

If you’re not familiar with the Nature Bats Last Podcast (and you’re paying attention to climate issues), you should be. Dr Guy McPherson (and co-host Kevin Hester) interviewed Dr. Paul Ehrlich, the man who became famous for telling the world about the Population Bomb. Ehrlich was just back from Australia and the sites of the wildfires. He’s still coughing and choking from the bad air he inhaled on the trip, but he has some worthwhile insights on how we’re not learning from the out-of-control wildfires that have hit California and Central Africa as well as Australia.

One topic they touched on: the damage from the fire. Early estimate of the cost of the Australian wildfires is $230 Billion dollars. People who follow my blog know that I’ve touched on the possibility that global warming will end insurance coverage (and thus modern capitalism). And Kevin Hester has also taken this on— Insurance will not survive global warming.

Click here to give a listen.

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