Happy 2021

My predictions for your coming year.

Your coming year.

I don’t know how much I have to complain about for 2020. I didn’t get the virus. The wife didn’t get the virus, even though it seemed at times like we were doing everything to catch it. I did get some film and theater work. I played a serial killer/Mass murderer at Halloween. The character was Albert Fish, a NY based mass murderer who got the Electric chair for killing and eating two children (that they could prove, anyway)

So as I type this, I’m procrastinating on doing my play PLANET PHUCKETT! as a video project. Haven’t finished the video, having problems with it because frankly, the topic is purty dang depressing. But there I am.

I’m hoping that the coming year is less of a clusterfark. I did not get the COVID19 virus, though plenty of people I know did. I got lucky. I hope I keep getting lucky.


See ya in the funnies.

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