Planet Phuckett!! Reviews and stuff!

A lovely friendly review of Planet Phuckett, now available online for free!

Planet Phuckett! (the Covid edition) is hilarious, thoughtful, and poignant. Dan Kinch of Brooklyn Culture Jammers has produced the perfect production for our time.

I watched the video-recorded play in my home earlier today. I was swept up in an adventure that included all the relevant scientific information, presented with humor and good taste. The unexpected costar, a puppet representing a baby polar bear, initially provided levity. The mood turned disconsolate when the baby animal faced its own death. Alas, the polar bear is a reminder for all of us: We, too, will die when habitat for our species disappears, a process that is already underway.

I recommend Planet Phuckett! (the Covid edition) for every thinking person on Earth. Consistent with my own message, Planet Phuckett! suggests how we can live with joy and gratitude despite our terminal diagnosis. Contrary to my own approach, Planet Phuckett! skillfully presents this message in a measured tone.

(From Guy McPherson, a hero of mine).

If you want to know what the play’s about, here’s info:

PLANET PHUCKETT!! , a solo comic play about global warming and the future, was performed online in January as part of Season 2 of Online@ the Space.

PLANET PHUCKETT!! is a lecture/clown performance on climate change and global warming given by a character named Dr. James Light, an evolutionary biologist who’s been cashiered from his cozy university job because his lectures upset his students. Dr. Light presents his case that humanity is on a short path to extinction. He makes this argument while dressed in clown garb–And as a ‘death-clown’, he tells jokes. He makes balloon animals. He plays with puppets. But Dr. Light also lays out a plan for what a loving people might do under these circumstances.

PLANET PHUCKETT!! is based on the work of Dr. Guy McPherson, a scientist who’s spent much of the last two decades talking about the dangers of abrupt climate change. It premiered at the 2016 Ithaca Fringe Festival, and was also featured as part of United Solo’s International solo show festival in New York City in 2016. Since 2016 it has been reprised at the 2019 Atlanta (Georgia) Fringe and the first Tampa International Fringe Festival. A reviewer at Ithaca wrote: This one-man show will especially appeal to area environmental and climate activists, and to all who care about the future of our (and other) species. And those who think these things are not important will get a quick hourlong education about why they should start paying attention.

Another reviewer was more direct: The professor makes a lot of sense, and a lot of noise. Though really, you need to see it to believe it. Really. Go see this show…

Come join me. And questions/commentary welcome below.

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