Five reasons to not vote GOP

The Republicans revive their favorite president for 2024. Satire From the Onion 12 years back.

I don’t know why this isn’t an issue every four years. Because EVERY FOUR YEARS, The GOP and the Dems square off to get a president elected, and every four years somewhere around 50% of American voters forget recent history. There have been five elected Republican presidents since Eisenhower stepped down. Every one has left the presidency under a cloud of criminality.

* Nixon: Watergate makes us forget about Nixon’s other crime (recently confirmed)—Nixon sabotaged the 1968 Paris Peace accord talks, promising the South Vietnamese that if Nixon were elected, the US would widen the war. If the war had been over by Inauguration Day 1969 (as LBJ had negotiated), 20,000 Americans wouldn’t have died. Neither would over a million Vietnamese, Cambodian or Laotians. Nixon also had no plan to counter the OPEC Oil embargo in 1973 that handed us the Great StagFlation. Nixon’s only response to the monstrous economic mess we were handed was to change the way we counted inflation, stripping ‘core inflation’ of inflation from fuel prices and food costs. It hit people dependent on fixed incomes especially hard.

* Reagan: tripled the national debt (under a trillion during Carter, almost three trillion after Reagan left office), helped build Radical Islam (he called the Mujahideen radicals the moral equivalent of our founding fathers). Traded arms for hostages, fueled the Contra War. The only president to be tried and convicted by the International Court of Justice for war crime of mining the harbors of Nicaragua. Started a war on unions after the PATCO strike. Also lost 241 Marines in the Lebanon bombing. Never explained what the Marines were supposed to accomplish anyway, but nevermind.

* Bush I: pardoned most all of the people who conspired for Arms for Hostages and the Contra wars under Reagan, ginned up case for Persian Gulf War (Nayira’s tale about babies in incubators was a lie invented by a PR firm). Too cowardly to admit that Reagan had almost crashed the economy with his tax cuts, took the blame for raising taxes, though not enough to wipe out the deficits to come.

* Bush II—ignored warnings of 9/11, Went to war with a country that had nothing to do with 9/11, offered no planning when Katrina was first sighted in the Gulf (leading to unparalleled number of casualties), presided over the worst economic crash in 80 years (was warned by his own new Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson of crisis two years earlier before the 2006 mid-terms), broke up SEC unit that would have investigated and prosecuted the companies setting up the housing bubble, 

Which brings us to Trump. Destroyed relations in the Middle East and with our NATO allies, gave over a trillion in tax cuts to the billionaire class, didn’t know he was also president of Puerto Rico and thus mismanaged aid after Hurricane Maria (over 3,000 dead).  ignored warnings of lethality of COVID and pretended it was a hoax, more Americans dead under Trump than any president except FDR during WWII. All of this was true when I first drafted this on the Quora sharing site in December. UPDATE is that we’ve elected a president who didn’t understand that planning a coup d’état was a big-ass crime even if it failed. Trump’s attempted coup d’état was backed by a majority of Republicans elected to the two houses.

PS: not a Democrat, haven’t voted for one for president since 2008. I registered as a D to vote for Sanders in the primary. If that makes me an FDR Democrat or an AOC Democrat, that’s different from the corporate D system being pushed by Pelosi and Schumer.

Why keep giving the GOP a chance to run things?? Especially after we’ve seen that, when pushed to the wall, they don’t care how they maintain power?

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