Zuck strikes again

The fact that these suggestions are at worst not beneficial and at best might prevent COVID19 (or at least make an infection less severe) say something about the editorial stance of Facebook.

This was a friend’s post that FB decided could not be shared with membership. The person who posted it was sharing knowledge that has been forwarded a FB slap-on-the-hand.

My friend’s suggestions were not news to me–I’ve seen such suggestions as a Coronavirus preventive measure for eight months now, ever since Chris Martenson posted them on his Peak Prosperity site. https://www.peakprosperity.com/about/. He wasn’t the only such person recommending the said vitamin supplements, not as a cure, but certainly to lessen the severity of a COVID19 infection.

I am not a doctor. But Martenson is not the only licensed medical professional in my life to have recommended such supplements. A research cardiologist sang the praises of QC10 to me a decade ago, and some online research showed me that it was something I should be addressing when I trained at the gym. As for Vitamin D, there seemed to be a common link between deficiency and severity of COVID19 infection. And some of the supplements seemed to be more effective when combined with zinc.

AND YET, SOMEHOW, FB’s COVID ‘experts’ have decided that this is all fake news.

I thought I’d share this with you. Again, I’m not a Doctor. But the people I’ve followed over the last few months have mostly been on the side of using supplements. And the cost of such supplements is relatively minor. The worst that can happen is your pee might be weird.

BTW if you roundly agree (or DISAGREE) with this, please post a comment with appropriate links. That’s why I have a comment space.

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