Why so few Hollywood movies about Global Warming?

A question that popped up in the Quora discussion groups. https://www.quora.com/Why-are-there-so-few-Hollywood-movies-about-global-warming. Why hasn’t anyone written a great movie script about our pending demise?

I hadn’t given it much thought, but now I am addressing it. As I recall, the movies that have given any thought to the problem of climate change have been pretty nonsensical. The 2004 flick THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW was ostensibly about global warming, but the premise was pretty dumb. Nobody expects the earth to freeze up in a way that makes CGI necessary. It was another Hollywood SCI FI with at most a few toes dipped in the reality pool.

We should NOT shy away from the topic, however. Let’s face it–the bad news is coming fast and furious. Is there any chance we’ll dodge the awfulness? And will aspiring screenwriters have any real desire to address the problem in a realistic way?

Planet Phuckett.

I’ve spent nearly five years writing about the disastrous climate we face. My solo show, titled PLANET PHUCKETT, was put on video earlier this year. the review is HERE: This was part of a remote presentation as part of what would’ve been the Edinburgh Fringe. You can also take in a short scene here:

‘Methane’ a short scene from Planet Phuckett.

Now understand, this piece is not ready for the screen, but I have six years of writing about global warming and the people stories that it involves. So… You know how to get in touch with me, right?

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