Pissed off enough?Trump & Co Still walk free

I’m highly pissed off. I don’t think I need to explain this, so I borrowed this graphic from FB, where someone shared it a few days ago. And while it is mostly about Trump and his cronies, Matt Gaetz is featured and his plethora of crimes haven’t been prosecuted. It was a reminder that ten months after the first presidential insurrection attempt IN HISTORY, the perpetrator and his willing supporters haven’t been indicted.

It’s simple and it isn’t just insurrection. The evidence is that Trump’s criminal behavior has been going on for DECADES. And yet amazingly it was missed until he became PRESIDENT. It indicates he was given a long-term pass by people whose job it is to focus in on criminality. That’s especially true of the IRS, but NY State could have also gone after him. It reminds me of the case of one Leona Helmsley, the ‘queen of mean’, who became the focus of prosecutors only after beleaguered staffers ratted her out for cheating.

If you aren’t p*ssed off, you haven’t been paying attention. I would direct you to the WNYC podcast series TRUMP INC.It was an occasional podcast (only put forward when investigators had found new data) and it ended with Biden’s Inauguration, but the juicy details uncovered by the journalists should have been enough to make one’s blood boil. In one episode alone they discovered tax and bank cheating on Trump’s marquee building at 40 Wall Street. Long Story short, Trump was not reporting his income from the lease of the building’s top to internet service providers, and he lied about the occupancy to both the tax people and the banks.

This is appalling to those of us who live in fear that we haven’t covered everything on our 1040–that the $20 we got from hauling trash for a local nonprofit needed to be listed somewhere and hit for whatever marginal rate we’re paying.

And to me, the fault doesn’t lie in the GOP, which (as I’ve noted before) has given us Five Criminal Presidents since Eisenhower.I think a case can be made that EVERY REPUBLICAN SENATOR who voted against impeaching Trump over 1/6 was colluding in criminal activity and should be removed from office. But we all know that won’t happen. The ‘centrist’ Dems will talk about looking forward, not backward, and we need bipartisan support, etc, If this were the prosecution of La Cosa Nostra, there would be little question about collusion. So don’t present your weak-tea defenses of the bedwetting Dems who are content to see the investigation drag out.

Something has been rotten in DC for decades, and it takes two parties to tango.

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