Follow up on 9/11–THE STORY OF FALLING DON

I did six shows of THE STORY OF FALLING DON as part of the Frigid Fest. I was happy with the quality of the work I came out with. I got a good review–mine was one of only two plays mentioned in Manhattan with a Twist, which you can see here. If you are averse to clicking, here’s what was said:

With over 20 performances taking place at The Kraine Theater & UNDER St. Marks, attendees will hear heartfelt storytelling about dealing with breakups, makeups, and divorce. Then, there are the necessary, but hard to hear, performances like The Story of Falling Don. Written and performed by Daniel Kinch, the heart wrenching true story recalls the tragic events of 9/11. Kinch also reflects on how some of the survivors and first responders are fairing 20 years later.

a fair assessment, and I thank the writer for it. The play is an hour long and my audiences seemed okay with that. I hope my narrative stayed interesting. I have no way of knowing yet how many chose to see the play by Livestream, though I’ve heard from several people who did see it and thought it worth their time.

What’s the future? I messed up on the mechanicals of capturing the actual video done by Frigid Fest, and I don’t know if I’ll get a copy of the play. We will see. If worse comes to worse, I will do a new version of the play and save it to my Youtube Channel. Expect this by next month. It will be on my Youtube Channel. If you stay for a few minutes, you can see a short promo video for the show. If you stay longer, you might want to view my play PLANET PHUCKETT! a story about the prospects of surviving global warming. I’m planning to transfer some of my other plays to my video channel, so to keep up, you might want to subscribe (which also helps me raise money for future projects).

And this is a play I’d like to share. If you have a performance gap in your company, I can be ready to turn around a performance for you in a few days (no special props or lighting). Hit the comment buttons below and let me know how to get in touch with you. Many thanks to Erez Ziv and the folks at the Frigid Fest and my always supportive stage crew Lauren and Emily. Thanks also to the people who’ve supported this project including Alan Baxter and people at WASHINGTON SQUARE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH. And thanks to Chris Lowe for letting me use his music.

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