Climate conference online–a thought from Kevin Hester

Climate conference: in the pic Guy McPherson, Beril Sirmacek, Kevin Hester, Jim Massa and John Doyle.

It’s five people who are scientists or political activists or a mix of both. All bemoaning the fact that much of the scientific world has thrown in the towel on preventing global warming from reaching an extinction point. But this was a point made by Kevin, who I’ve quoted here before. Kevin has been around the world and he notes that he was in Berlin during in inauspicious month in 1989.

But he tells it best:

The whole discussion is worth your time, but Kevin’s point is well made. He was in Berlin a few days before the Wall came down, and it wasn’t expected. Within a few months the Soviet Union was gone. We have no way of predicting the future, and what was true in 1989-91 is true today with climate–we don’t know what event will push things over the edge and bring an end to Our Way of Life, but who knows? Can you imagine some struggling grad student in spring of 1989 turning this prediction in?

And it makes me wonder about projections eminating from these people. Which one will be correct.

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