Assange to be seized? Already dead?


Hoping this isn’t his epitaph.

Just up on the Internet–Ecuador is about to extradite Julian Assange to the US for his Wikileaks revelations about the Clinton campaign. My latest news (as of 12:30 NY time) is that Assange has threatened to take his own life rather than be arrested. It’s possible that he’s already dead–rumors are flying. Wikileaks has just gone to Twitter and uploaded codes for opening what have been referred to as ‘insurance files’. These codes would allow browsers to open and download information considered too damaging to have released prior to Assange’s death or arrest.  

It should be noted that what Assange and Wikileaks are doing is what those old artisanal workers called ‘Journalists’ used to do before they were involved in generating or passing on official fiction as stories.

It’s 1:30 AM NY time as I type this. I don’t know whether to go to bed. Assange is a controversial character, but he’s giving Americans (and the rest of the world) a look at how the US is conducting itself internationally. And it ain’t pretty. There’s an enormous number of interlocking events going on right now, and if the Clinton campaign has decided that now is the time to take out Wikileaks, that means the organization must be close to dumping something really juicy–maybe even worse than all the Donald Trump Open Mic moments..

While we’re all waiting for this to shake out, you might entertain yourself by going to Tracy D’s YouTube page (which is here). She has been devouring the Wikileaks posts of the John Podesta e-mails, and some very… interesting things are coming out. While you’re looking through her e-mails, you should download TOR (on the Wikileaks site) so you can safely browse. 

Follow the action on @wikileaks. It might be a long nite.


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