Wikileaks drops an insurance file


Sad because CNN has been telling people it’s illegal to read Wikileaks. No on-air correction. Maybe they WILL make it illegal once they’re in charge. Download the Tor browser now.

Late yesterday, Wikileaks unlocked one of its ‘insurance’ files. These files are the items that were supposed to be toxic enough to make the US government hesitant to take ‘extra-legal’ means to stop Wikileaks from publishing. ‘Extra-legal’ is code for ‘wet jobs’–There was and continues to be concern that the US is about to assassinate Julian Assange, the spokesperson for Wikileaks.

There’s no question now that the US (in the form of SoS John Kerry) leaned on Ecuador to shut down internet service for Assange, who is still holed up in their London embassy. But if the hope was that blocking Assange from the Internet would stop the flood of purloined embarrassing emails from the Clinton archives, that hasn’t happened. The Wikileaks organization continues to drop big collections of files from the Podesta collection, and these continue to have very, very… uncomfortable information in them (‘uncomfortable’ if you’re Hillary Clinton or a supporter of same). The files revealed so far confirm the two-faced nature of Clinton–telling voters one thing while telling her corporate cronies something else. The story that resonated with me is the disdain Clinton showed behind closed doors for the environmental movement. One of her un-published ‘private speeches’ that caused a dust-up during the primaries has her trashing the anti-fracking and anti-pipeline movements. She also told her audience that the Russians were behind these movements. On June 18, 2014, at a speech hosted by a promotional company called tinePublic, Clinton claimed “phony environmental groups” are “funded by the Russians.” She said the groups are pushed “to stand against any effort, oh that pipeline, that fracking, that whatever will be a problem, and a lot of the money supporting that message was coming from Russia.”

The link to the files is on The Daily Sheeple. It’s a clickable link that takes you to a site with a huge number of files, mostly in compressed or zipped format. The files I’ve opened so far are less of a treasure trove than a garage sale of information–they consist of info that was uploaded to Wikileaks by wronged parties or gossipy individuals. I looked at one file called ‘Sarah Palin’ that consisted mostly of jpg screen dumps of Palin e-mails from 2008. Apparently, Anonymous was able to hijack her personal email until some hacker had an attack of conscience and change her password back. There are also numerous files from court cases–a cursory glance shows that parties involved in some crimes sent files to Wikileaks that indicated prosecutorial incompetence or worse. There was also one set of files disclosing a rather famous person’s HIV status, which made me feel rather creepy after I read it. Tyler Durdin at Zerohedge even questions whether the dump was deliberate–some of the information is already freely available elsewhere. But there are some huge archives with provocative titles like ‘US Troops in Georgia’ –I’m pretty sure they’re talking about the one in the former USSR rather than the state Ray Charles sang about. Me, I’m sure there will be something in one of the Wikileaks dumps about our precarious future (I’m talking NTHE). But maybe things have proceeded to the point where there’s no point in discussing our pending extinction because everybody who’s anybody knows it’s coming and they don’t plan to tell us.

But I’m writing this on a few hours’ sleep and without having looked at any of the enormous archives on the list. So go for it, friends–go data-spelunking and see what’s there. My only recommendations–you should be doing this through Tor browser, and you’ll need a recent copy of Winzip. 




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