Trump on rigged elections–Crazy?


I really hate Donald Trump. I’m not just saying that now. I’ve posted numerous articles here about him. I definitely do not think he deserves to be president (though I don’t think Clinton does, either–read this). Both of these ‘human hairballs’ are facing indictment for crimes that could rise to the level of impeachable offenses. The only thing worse than spending billions on this charade is spending billions on this charade only to end up with one of the two worst second bananas in history.

That said, I’m defending Trump.  He’s been getting shellacked for saying what apparently is crazy–that the election has been rigged. Really? And people got upset at the debate on Wednesday when he said he might not accept the results of the vote.

Short form:

We know that election 2000 was stolen (Katherine Harris disenfranchised 97,000 Florida voters, then SCOTUS stopped the recount that would’ve given Gore the state). We know that 2004 was stolen in Ohio per Common Cause’s own Cliff Arnebeck. We know that Romney almost stole Ohio in 2012.There are widespread allegations of the DNC primary being stolen in California and NY. It’s an open secret that our elections are stolen (and being permanently so–look at the voter disenfranchisement efforts being passed in predominantly Republican states). Why is everyone harrumphing over Trump saying the elections could be rigged?

And (thinking back to 2000), knowing WHAT WE KNOW NOW, would the country have been better off if in 2000 Al Gore had refused to accept the results of an election that he knew had been stolen?And in 2016 are we supposed to just sadly nod and say ‘oh well, the election took a weird bounce’?

Why do we accept this charade?




  1. Ben Roberts · · Reply

    Colbert left RFK Jr. speechless many years ago when he asked him, “was it easier for Bush to steal Florida in 2000… or for your uncle to steal Ohio in 1960?”

  2. Yes,we would have been much better with President Gore,but Republicans probably would’ve gained seats in both houses of Congress over his term. The party that isn’t in the White House generally fares better in midterms. The 2018 midterms will be big,and I’m already worried if Hillary wins,Republicans storm the polls,and they gain ground.

  3. Ben Roberts · · Reply

    Oh wait… JFK stole Illinois. Right?

    1. JFK is reputed to have stolen Illinois and LBJ engineered voting irregularities in Texas. Texas was in the Yellow Dog era, so it’s hard to see Nixon picking it up.

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