trump noose

and we come full circle.

I get lots of article feeds from multiple perspectives. This is due to my early support of Bernie Sanders. Many of those who were working in that cause are now putting up articles about Clinton that are sometimes fomented by right-wing sources (Breitbart and Daily Caller come to mind). I also get plenty of anti-Trump articles from my Librul friends. Some are useless, but some are worth reading. In case you’re wondering, I’m probably pulling the lever for Jill Stein. I’m in a state (NY) where the GOP would have to have a historic night to flip for Trump. I’m encouraging people in reliably blue states to do the same, by the way–California flipping to Trump is virtually impossible. Remember that under our hopelessly archaic ELECTORAL COLLEGE system, the majority vote can still go to the loser–Gore WON the popular vote but lost in the electoral college thanks to the GOP chicanery in Florida. My vote for Jill Stein is about making sure the Greens have enough votes (5% of total) to be a permanent part of the ballot. But I digress.

But here’s the thing. Besides the fact that we’re choosing between two horrible candidates for the highest office in the country, we’re choosing between two candidates who are involved (or will certainly be involved) in litigation that would lead to possible Impeachment proceedings. The particulars (extra Trump item added 10/9):

  • Hillary Clinton is in the cross-hairs of Trey Gowdy’s committee (the one that did such a bang-up job on Benghazi). Gowdy has made it clear he’s coming after Clinton regardless of whether she becomes POTUS. He already tipped his hand when he went after James Comey for not recommending criminal charges on the use of her private server. Gowdy got Comey to say under oath that several statements Clinton made to Comey indicated that she had not been truthful (i.e., had committed perjury) when testifying to Congress. Remember that Bill Clinton wasn’t impeached for having sex–he was tried for lying about it. The only reason he wasn’t removed from office is that the GOP couldn’t get members to agree that lying about sex was a ‘high crime and misdemeanor’. Clinton was still disbarred for several years. If Hillary Clinton wins the election, there’s no reason to think Gowdy will give her a pass on this. 
  • This is not the only hurdle facing Clinton. There’s an active investigation on whether the Clinton Foundation was in fact used as a way to filter money from foreign governments in a ‘pay for play’ arrangement. This is why the private server matters–if Clinton was using private means to communicate with foreign governments as a means to evade FOIA, that would count as racketeering under RICO.

In short, the two party duopoly has served up two really damaged people to run for the highest office in the land. I have been trying to think of a scenario where any of our NATO allies would have their major parties offer up this electoral merde. I have to think it wouldn’t happen because people would riot in the streets.

Where’s our anger?


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