You got it, right? Order tickets! Produced by United Solo, on Theatre Row, tickets through Telecharge! Geez!!

If you didn’t already know, my play PLANET HOSPICE will be performed by moi on Sunday, November 6 at 2 PM. Tickets are astoundingly reasonably priced and available through Telecharge. 

I know, you say. But November is four weeks away!, you say. And it is! But the more tickets I sell to THIS show by mid-month, the better the chances are there will be a SECOND show! or THIRD show! or a massive influx of Hollywood money! 

And not to bring it up or rub it in, but buying a ticket will also relieve you (should you feel the need for relief) of the need to purchase a birthday present for me, since it’s one of the big ones, and (one way or the other) I don’t know that anyone will be in the mood to celebrate my actual birthday (which comes after the actual election day). 

There’s a dandy synopsis right here.

It’s funny. I know it looks dark, but it’s funny. I play with soap bubbles, puppets and balloons. I tell jokes. I play with a hockey stick.

There are reviews here

Buy a ticket or two and you can say you saw me when!

PS: Over the past week, a number of actual outposts of Journalism have touched on this very subject. When the Stalwart and solidly Republican NEW YORK POST is talking about climate and extinction, you should know that we’re no longer in wonk territory. Never mind all these other media outlets.  

(have I used enough colors in this text?)




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