Waiting for next Wednesday


One of the many memes that sunk Clinton.

I hate to say this, but unless The Donald falls down and breaks a hip (he IS 70), he will win the presidency next Tuesday. The accumulated drip-drip-drip of bad news for Clinton has reached a point where she cannot pull enough independent voters to win. The re-opened FBI investigation (which seems to dove-tail with the Wikileaks revelations) has turned the last month into a death by 100 cuts for the Clinton campaign.That plus massive defections of Democrats to the Greens will be her downfall. Absent the defection of millions of Dems disgusted at the way the DNC treated Sanders, she would probably be winning. But she couldn’t treat Sanders’ calls to break up the big banks seriously–the banks are her best friends. She can’t act like global warming is a real thing–the oil companies would be very angry. Clinton threw in body and soul with the people who wrecked the planet and destroyed the economy. I think she’s about to pay an electoral price.

Please understand–I find Trump and most of his supporters appalling. I am experiencing some schadenfreude here at Trump’s expense. Donald’s new pay rate of $400K a year is probably his WEEKLY compensation for his reality TV shows, and I think he was profoundly taken aback by that fact. I suspect he really doesn’t want or even understand the job–there were rumors that his vetting of VP candidates included the trial balloon of telling potential picks that he’d hand the presidency over to them.. I think he’s beset by the same devil every scion of inherited wealth feels–he will never be known as someone who did great things on his own. He’ll always be tied to his father and the tens of millions he inherited (not to mention the incalculable value of having access to Fred Trump’s Rolodex). And Trump cannot spin a failure as POTUS–he will be perceived as the spoiled rich kid who wrecked the country, on the same level as W.

Personally, I’m steeling myself for being part of the no-longer-loyal opposition regardless of who wins the office. A few weeks ago, I took part in a march to save Democracy in DC, followed up by a performance of my play HOW TO STOP THE EMPIRE WHILE KEEPING YOUR DAY JOB in front of the Lincoln Memorial. It was cool. But my new best buds from that day are ready to step up to make it clear that the duopoly is finished. And neither party represented the will of the majority of their faithful voters when they gave us these ‘human hairballs’.


me in DC with Real Progressives/March for Democracy.  picture courtesy Melanie Oringer

I guess I’ll see you on Inauguration Day. Unless Stein wins.




  1. All the electoral college projections have Clinton with more paths to 270 than Trump. The Democrats should regain the Senate,but not the House because of GOP gerrymandering. We’ll probably have nothing but gridlock for the rest of the decade.

    1. you may be right, but Clinton’s support is falling. The site https://floridaturnout.com/ shows that Stein has 85,000 early voters, which is over half of what Clinton has (and Clinton has some 10,000 fewer than Trump now, thought early voting is a older voter demographic). Clinton losing Florida makes it near impossible for her to win even if she gets all the other states Obama got.

  2. You were right,and I and all of the projections were wrong. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump stole this.

    1. There is no prediction I’ve made on this blog that I’ve been sorrier to be right about. But the happy talk of the people backing Clinton did not mesh with the real-life experiences of so many people I know who are out of work or struggling with jobs that don’t pay the bills. I had predicted in June that Trump would win, after the California primary (another topic). My prediction here: https://brooklynculturejammers.com/2016/06/03/why-trump-is-winning/

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