The Gummit drops the JFK assassination files

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I’m so excited!

Today is the day the National Archives and Records Administration is supposed to reveal long-suppressed documents regarding the assassination of JFK. This has been mandated to occur for some 25 years, ever since a Congressional vote on the topic back in 1992.  

I don’t expect much. 

We really know about 90% of what we need to know to understand that this was not a lone-wolf event. We have always had Mark Lane’s 1966 book RUSH TO JUDGMENT, which poked huge holes in the Warren Commission report. You can even read it for free by downloading it here. Oliver Stone’s film JFK introduced the conspiracy to a whole new generation of researchers, and has been re-released for the 25th anniversary. It was Stone’s film that drove Congress to pass the law to declassify all National Archives records. As pointed out in an article in QZ, 

The 1992 law was partially a response by Congress to question the release of Oliver Stone’s JFK, a movie that suggested a government conspiracy was responsible for the murder of the 35th president. Despite the law’s best intentions, this week’s final document release will likely fuel more speculation, along with a suspicion, maintained by conspiracists everywhere, that we’ll never, ever know the full truth.

And more recently, we’ve had articles and books going over new information. In 2007, E Howard Hunt’s son revealed his father’s deathbed confessions regarding the murder of JFK. Hunt deserves our attention: He was one of the people captured by the Cubans during the Bay of Pigs, and he was one of the Watergate ‘burglars’ arrested and convicted for the break-in that brought the curtain down on the Nixon administration and lead in large part to the Church hearings on the CIA’s domestic surveillance programs.

More recently, we’ve had David Talbot’s book THE DEVIL’S CHESSBOARD about the rise of the Dulles Brothers and their work for the Deep State. I blogged about this here, and it’s a book you should read. What Talbot does is expose a 30+ year history of intelligence skullduggery that puts the assassination of JFK in context. And of special note, both the NY Times and the Washington Post refused to review it, even though they’d reviewed past works from both Talbot and his publisher. Like the story of Howard Hunt’s confession, the book was treated to obscurity. 

Why should we expect much of anything from the release of these thousands of documents? And why do we wait, as if we’ll suddenly have some flash of insight? Isn’t the information we have that’s hiding in plain sight enough to tell us that the official story is a lie? As with 9/11, we know enough about the evidence to understand that the official story is a lie. At that point, we don’t need to know any more to call out the people in charge. 

I’m expecting to spend my evening watching Stone’s film. I don’t expect any sort of big news about JFK to come forward from the released documents. And I’m tired of being played. 


the ‘exit wound’ in JFK’s neck (if you believe the Warren Commission). Or the Entry wound if you believe physics, eyewitnesses, and suppressed testimony. From







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