We Are So Fucked and Sooner Than Previously Thought!

Activist Kevin Hester lays it all out. I don’t understand how the ‘skeptics’ can keep denying what their bosses in Big Oil have already admitted to–that we’re on path to extinction level temperatures before mid-century.

Kevin Hester

In my recent interview with the amazing Professor Paul Ehrlich titled, Nature Bats Last on PRN.FM featuring Professor Paul Ehrlich we discussed climate scientists dishonesty/ reticence  in understating the severity of the climate crisis.
I’ve toured Aotearoa New Zealand twice with the courageous Professor Guy McPherson, one award winning academic who does call the Sixth Great Extinction event exactly what it is. We attempted to speak truth to power  on our two tours and we addressed the mis-information and dishonesty in the climate community from  NGO’s like 350.org , Greenpeace and WWF ,which incidentally was set up by the British Royal Family. ( I’ve embedded this link for proof that the entitled British Royal family were instrumental in founding WWF not that I think that the gratuitous bowing and scraping to the British Empire disguises the Crimes of Britain and the role that Colonialism and Imperialism have played in…

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