Do-It-Yourself Symbolism

nature bats last

After many months of dirking around, I decided I should do this. Several years ago I blogged about a symbol of near term human extinction. The enviro movement has been trapped by logos and memes that were ‘donor-friendly’–pictures of wolf cubs or frolicking polar bears or even the occasional whale. It was around this time that I discovered the above symbol, put together by an anonymous artist who has a website here.  I explained in my rebranding of my site why I thought it was an important symbol. I think it needs to be in the consciousness of people all over this country. We’re facing an existential threat and this (along with the ‘nature bats last’ sentiment) expresses it in a way that people can understand.  The circle is the earth, the hourglass figure in the center is our time run out. 

With a bit of research, I found out that the folks at Avery make a label (#8164) that would more than accommodate this as a sticker. I’m by no means telling you that you should put it on things that don’t belong to you–that would be vandalism, and I don’t condone you putting these up in gas service stations, for example. I’m just saying that there needs to be some means of waking people up to the crisis that’s unfolded. It would make a nifty bumper sticker, for instance (although you should put clear binder tape over it so it doesn’t fade or come off). 

How to use it: open the Avery site and find whatever label you wish to use. You probably have to load in MS Word as a .doc file, though there may be other formats. Open the label document in MS Word. Click on a blank label. Use Copy/Paste to put the above label in the box (you might have to adjust so that it fits). In a moment or two, you have several usable labels (that you will not use in ways that would cause you arrest for misdemeanor in any way. I’m Just saying).  There are numerous other ways to print out such labels.

HOW TO USE IT–I’ve put the label on the website below. If you want to make your own labels, feel free to use this template (just drop one of the labels into MS Paint and type a different message).

extinction symbol label

You’re welcome.


  1. looks a lot like swastika

    1. Similar accusations made about the peace sign and the anarchy symbol. What can I say? I read a history of the peace sign, which actually started life as a cypher for nuclear disarmament (that’s ND on signal flags). The goal in such logos is to design a symbol that’s easy to photocopy or mimeograph on really sketchy printers.the symbol here is supposed to be an hourglass with no sand left.

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