The Myth of 2C Being Safe and Achievable

Some thoughts from Kevin Hester, who I frequently borrow from when the Despair overtakes me. A cogent quote: “Some of those surveyed who said the 2C target would be met confessed they did so more out of hope rather than belief.“ These are scientists hoping against what they know.

Kevin Hester

At every twist and turn in our Runaway Abrupt Climate Change fiasco we have been lied to by the powers that be that they were acting and had the situation under control.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

William Nordhaus, an economist at Yale was the first corporate shrill to suggest that 2C was both achievable and safe.  It was neither but we were collectively sold the lie.
I have been moved to draft this blog after continually reading climate change articles that continue to reference 2C as being achievable as it patently is not and when the aware reader witnesses chaos unfolding at approximately 1.5C it is obvious that 2C will be catastrophic and is only a pathway to much higher global mean temperatures as a myriad of tipping points and self reinforcing feedback loops kick in.

Below are a number of embedded links to confirm the obvious:…

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