July 29 and it’s all over–maybe

image polar bears


Yup, that’s what it says in the Bible according to this lovely blog post. The kicker is that the end will come from a reversing of the earth’s magnetic poles. But make no mistake, this isn’t extinction from scientific reasons I’ve outlined in earlier blogposts. Nope, it’s because Jesus is coming back. You can waste 17 minutes of your precious time by watching their Youtube movie. Here’s a quote from the Metro UK site providing this hard-hitting reporting: (For some reason, nutty conspiracy theorists are OBSESSED with the idea of the Earth’s poles reversing). Then a really, really angry Jesus is going to arrive, and kill everyone – except Christians who watch a lot of videos on YouTube, who will all be saved. This charming prediction, by End Time Prophecies, is just one of several doomsday prophecies for this year – including that an asteroid would hit us on May 6 (it didn’t), and a prediction that Barack Obama would reveal he is the Antichrist in June (he didn’t).

I’ve done my own prognosticating here from time to time, though usually in advance of science. And the one time I got really granular involved predictions from people in the International Arctic Research Center, whose venerable scientists had predicted that the last time we could prevent runaway warming was October 3 of 2015. We have had some ugly moments since then–every month since October has seen monthly temperatures setting new records and we’ve already beat the temp levels that Paris COP21 had said we couldn’t exceed. but really, what could go wrong? 

Okay. A lot. Those of you distracted by Pokemon Go might have missed the coup in Turkey over the last 48 hours. One story you aren’t seeing is that a NATO base with some 50 loose tactical nukes was at risk of someone driving out the gates with them. And that isn’t the only place where itchy fingers are reaching for fissionable weapons. NATO has decided that it’s time to start giving the Russians legitimate fear by putting troops closer to their borders

Here in the US, we seem to be shaking out a full scale race war. I posted a bit about it earlier this week, but things keep getting worse now that the RNC is decamping in Cleveland. I just think things are going to get worse. In France, there’s now big discussion about whether a crazed Arab truck driver was a terrorist or just crazy. France, shame on you. Don’t you know that only WHITE mass killers are crazy? people of color who kill lots of people are ALWAYS part of conspiracies. Which reminds me: 

blm attack by car

here–this should help.

Question–if we are doomed to all die on July 29, and it has nothing to do with the poles flipping, do the Jesus adherents get credit? They may not have the cause down, but they should get some kind of credit, right?

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