Congrats to Obama and the DNC

This is brief–I was writing a long piece on the whole ‘fake news’ imbroglio and the word count was in the 2,500+ range so I’ve put it aside for the moment. This is a meme that covers things a tad more succinctly:


Friendly reminder: the Wikileaks dump was of actual e-mail in the DNC server regarding the conduct of Podesta, Donna Brazile and company around the 2016 election. Every reporter in the Washington Post who’s chasing Russian Ghosts needs to actually read the emails that give away the behavior and thinking of the people who were trying to run this country. ps: Nuclear ‘lunch’ codes? Sound better than what we’ve got.

Regardless of one’s politics, I think we all owe President Obama and Hillary Clinton a huge amount of respect for successfully reviving Nixonian tactics over the Wikileaks dump. When the Pentagon Papers were released in 1971, president and traitor Richard Nixon and his henchmen focused like a laser on leaker Daniel Ellsberg’s personal life, going so far as to break into his psychiatrist’s office in order to try to find something incriminating about him. It all failed disastrously, and the truth of what the Pentagon Paper revealed had a discernible effect on the future conduct of the War in Vietnam. But this time, the revelation of the perfidies of Clinton and the DNC were shoved off the front page by cooked-up allegations about Russian Hackers, even as CIA veterans and NSA experts proclaimed that the ‘hacking’ was actual ‘leaking’ performed by someone in the DNC who, like Ellsberg before him, had a crisis of conscience.

Well played, Obama.

Well played, DNC.

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