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Occupy Sandy Staten Island report

Those of you who don’t listen to Sex and Politics may have missed out on what is a continuing story here in NY–in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy (which hit last OCTOBER), there are still big pockets of damage and hardship. My guest was Goldi Guerra of the Guitarmy, a great group of musicians in the […]

A Clown A Hammer A Bomb… and Father Carl

So I’ve been thinking about the Plowshares movement a great deal over the past few days. As I reported last week, the Tennessee Jury on the Transform Now Plowshares case found three peace activists (Michael Walli, Greg Boertje and Sister Megan Rice) guilty. They not only found them guilty of vandalism (which was expected, and […]

Breast cancer–information you need

A couple of months ago on Sex and Politics, I interviewed James Brophy, a cancer researcher in Canada. Professor Brophy is featured in the breast cancer documentary PINK RIBBONS, INC. His study indicated huge increases in breast cancer incidence in pre-menopausal women exposed to BPA in industrial settings (factories that make plastics for automobiles; canneries […]

“Absolutely no remorse”

Originally posted on Transform Now Plowshares:
Dear friends, The Transform Now Plowshares sentencing has been set for September 23rd.  No decision has been made yet about whether the defendants must be held awaiting sentencing; lawyers have until Tuesday to submit more material for the judge to consider, and Michael, Megan, and Greg are being held…

Who is my neighbor?

Originally posted on Transform Now Plowshares:
Dear friends, First, the facts.  Greg, Megan, and Michael were found guilty today of both counts brought against them — sabotage and depredation of government property — and they were remanded from the courtroom as we sang them rounds of “Rejoice in the Lord Always,” and “Vine and Fig…

Transform Plowshares found Guilty

Not to keep anybody guessing. The Transform Now Plowshares jury just came back with guilty verdicts on vandalism and sabotage charges. The latter carries a possible prison sentence of 20 years.  There’s an article here. The pertinent fact about the sabotage charge: In order to be found guilty of sabotage, the jury must believe that […]

Healthcare and Hostage Capitalism

I’ve written here about my dad and alluded to some of his pet peeves. Dad was something of a moocher in life, and when he had to pay for things, he got… intense. And one of the things that made him crazy was price gouging. He had a point–if you go to a ball game […]

If Today We Hear God’s Voice

Originally posted on Transform Now Plowshares:
Dear friends, “Our prayer is that this trial can truly be an occasion to continue the transformation process that began at Y-12 on July 28th.  We pray for open hearts and minds and for the ongoing conversion of everyone involved in the trial, to the way of love, nonviolence,…

Court, Day 1: Bright then boring

Originally posted on Transform Now Plowshares:
“Let’s stop pouring our billions into false, impossible security.” — Sister Megan Rice Anabel Dwyer put the focus on this quote of Sister Megan’s this morning as she addressed a handful of media representatives at the Transform Now Plowshares pre-trial press orientation.  Nuclear weapons have unavoidable catastrophic global effects,…

Jeremy Hammond: One Year Imprisoned, Still No Bond

Originally posted on #OpPenPal:
Today marks one year that our brother and comrade Jeremy Hammond has been imprisoned by the Federal government. He has been denied bond, and therefore the opportunity to aid in his own defense. He has been denied a fair trial with an impartial judge. He has been placed in solitary confinement…