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Tax time from Liz Warren

I feel like a dope for having not figured this out on my own. The IRS is not an agency I feel sorry for, even though they are being taken down by the Trumpists. And the rightwingers trying to defund them are not noble people–they have their own reasons for wanting to break the tax […]

Will Smith Dooms live performance

I really, really didn’t want to get too involved in this fracas. Lots of passionate opinions on both sides. But a comedian said something on stage that Will Smith felt insulted his wife. He felt the insult was so heinous, he needed to physically assault Chris Rock to make up for it. And the audience […]

Climate conference online–a thought from Kevin Hester

It’s five people who are scientists or political activists or a mix of both. All bemoaning the fact that much of the scientific world has thrown in the towel on preventing global warming from reaching an extinction point. But this was a point made by Kevin, who I’ve quoted here before. Kevin has been around […]

Follow up on 9/11–THE STORY OF FALLING DON

I did six shows of THE STORY OF FALLING DON as part of the Frigid Fest. I was happy with the quality of the work I came out with. I got a good review–mine was one of only two plays mentioned in Manhattan with a Twist, which you can see here. If you are averse […]

Video preview of FALLING DON, opening at Frigid Fest!

THE STORY OF FALLING DON, my play about surviving 9/11 and the 20 years after, will open on February 16 at UNDER ST. MARKS theater space on E4 Street. Tickets are $16. You can call ahead for tickets . I’ve posted a video preview of the play on my YouTube Channel. It’s here: You […]

The Questions DON’T LOOK UP doesn’t address

The premise of the Netflix movie DON’T LOOK UP is that there’s a planet killing comet heading for earth and in five months and a few days, it will hit Earth and cause a mass extinction event. The only people who know initially are two astronomers who’ve seen it and done the math. The question […]

Stolen Elections– an anniversary

We’re now a year into an insurrection by supporters of Donald Trump to play through the idea that 2020 was a stolen election and Biden ‘is not president’. If true this would be the second such case in my lifetime, but of course it isn’t true. Every judge and attorney in the 50 states has […]


Cranky Dan notes that if the CDC wants our Trust, they need to APOLOGIZE TO THE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE THEY SENT BACK INTO THE WALL STREET AREA TO SLOG THROUGH ASBESTOS DUST, BROKEN FIBERGLASS AND OTHER TOXIC SUBSTANCES. Cranky Dan notes that the CDC just decided you only need FIVE days of quarantine for COVID, […]

Stop whining about e-cars (and veganism)

Okay. I’m writing this to get caring people who don’t understand our coming rendezvous with the SIXTH MASS EXTINCTION to realize that McKibben and Gore and all the other ‘folk heroes’ of climate activism don’t have a clue. short story (and I’m tired of being vilified for this): Switching to E cars won’t help; ending […]

Pissed off enough?Trump & Co Still walk free

I’m highly pissed off. I don’t think I need to explain this, so I borrowed this graphic from FB, where someone shared it a few days ago. And while it is mostly about Trump and his cronies, Matt Gaetz is featured and his plethora of crimes haven’t been prosecuted. It was a reminder that ten […]