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Cranky Dan notes that if the CDC wants our Trust, they need to APOLOGIZE TO THE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE THEY SENT BACK INTO THE WALL STREET AREA TO SLOG THROUGH ASBESTOS DUST, BROKEN FIBERGLASS AND OTHER TOXIC SUBSTANCES. Cranky Dan notes that the CDC just decided you only need FIVE days of quarantine for COVID, […]

Stop whining about e-cars (and veganism)

Okay. I’m writing this to get caring people who don’t understand our coming rendezvous with the SIXTH MASS EXTINCTION to realize that McKibben and Gore and all the other ‘folk heroes’ of climate activism don’t have a clue. short story (and I’m tired of being vilified for this): Switching to E cars won’t help; ending […]

Pissed off enough?Trump & Co Still walk free

I’m highly pissed off. I don’t think I need to explain this, so I borrowed this graphic from FB, where someone shared it a few days ago. And while it is mostly about Trump and his cronies, Matt Gaetz is featured and his plethora of crimes haven’t been prosecuted. It was a reminder that ten […]

Post election 2021 stuff

I really have nothing much to say about NYC’s mayoral campaign. No one thought Curtis Sliwa had any chance of victory, and the results proved that assertion correct. That said, I DO NOT think it’s good for NY to not have competitive races for mayor. You can search here for my homage du merde for […]

A day spent with democracy

what my last day as a poll inspector was like I worked the NYC election yesterday–Citizens were picking a mayor (between Eric Adams and Curtis Sliwa here in NYC) and dealing with some ballot referenda. Also a chance to pick new Democrats for court (the GOP in Brooklyn doesn’t field candidates because the borough is […]

The Story of Falling Don at the KRAINE TICKETS NOW–UPDATE

The Brooklyn Culture Jam will present The Story of Falling Don, a solo show written byDaniel Kinch and directed by Martin Grau. The production will be presented as part ofthe 2022 FRIGID Festival at UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place between 1 stAvenue and Avenue A) with performances on Wednesday, February 16 at 10:30pm,Sunday, […]

How US Medical care kills

A case I’m familiar with, even though I’m not diabetic. There’s been discussion about insulin pricing forcing up the number of diabetics who die. Big Pharma is jumping the prices on the insulin medications vital for diabetics to the point where patients without insurance can no longer afford it. Yet there’s still no action to […]

Why didn’t 9/11 give us single payer??

Flashback. My first day at a new job on Wall Street across from the WTC was September 11, 2001. I’ve written about it other places (here’s a notice from my performance a few years ago): The basics should be pretty easy to explain in a nutshell. Showed up, saw the whole catastrophe unfold from the […]

My Youtube Page going live

Hiya. My forays into the Fringe business of late have not been fun. I don’t want to denigrate the people I’ve worked with, but beyond what I feel about the Fringe business (maybe I’m not cut out for it) it isn’t getting my work circulated. So it has occurred to me that my best hope […]

We close out of Vancouver Fringe

And as of September 19, we closed out of our digital run on the Vancouver Fringe Festival. I’d be less than honest if I stated that I was happy with things. I didn’t get much of an audience. I certainly tried harder than I have in previous Fringe fest Outings. Ads for my play ran […]