About my one-person shows -updated

Streets of Bushwick

The specter of near term human extinction that haunted the Ithaca Fringe Festival in Aprill.

My name is Daniel Kinch. I also answer to Dan as well as a variety of other names (sometimes to ‘Jerry’). I studied acting in college at University of South Florida (and afterwards), but my interest is (and always was) in writing plays–I studied with the late great Jack Gelber at Brooklyn College. I’ve written lots of plays. If you want to know way too much about my work, my biography is over here.

This page is about the Solo shows I’ve written (and I will write). Basically, I write about troublemakers. I write about activists and people who’ve put themselves on the line for a cause. I’ve written for myself and others. I decided to write one-person shows because they were easy to get mounted and can be toured with little more than a bus ticket.

The way people remember me from my performance at Judson in March 2012. Pic courtesy of Robert Chan.

How to stop the empire. Pic courtesy of Robert Chin.

I’m pleased to announce I have premiered PLANET PHUCKETT !! (a lighthearted exploration of the sixth stage of grief, gallows humor). PLANET PHUCKETT!! is the environmental state of the world as narrated by Dr. James Light, an environmental scientist cashiered from his teaching job for talking a bit too much about issues of the end of the world. In despair, he has created a ‘clown show’ of sorts about the state of the world and what we must do to prevent (or accept) the fate that nature has in store for us. The play is based on the work of of a number of scientists including Dr. Guy McPherson and others. I just finished out a run at the Ithaca Fringe Festival. Details here (including links to reviews). I will perform for you if you are outside the NY Metropolitan area. I need travel money, a couch, a room to perform in. I also expect pizza and decent beer (no Michelob Ultra)

The Other Plays that are ready to rumble: 

THE BP HUMAN EXTINCTION BAYOU BLUES: A play about the Gulf of Mexico, five years after the Deepwater Horizon Blowout. It was first performed in April 2015 as part of a commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the accident. We meet Lon, a working Blues musician, who tells us what’s happened to his life since the oil began arriving on the beaches. Information about the play here. you can listen to a radio version of the play here.

HOW TO STOP THE EMPIRE WHILE KEEPING YOUR DAY JOB. The play that I’ve been performing as part of Occupy Wall Street. A grizzled vet of protest movements tells us what works and what just gets you sent to prison*.

Its original title and other info:

Video of short play at Occupy The Empty Space event 3/18/2012 

Video of theCitizens United Editionperformed in Zuccotti in January of 2014 

Performed in front of Lincoln Monument October 2016 as part of TAKE BACK DEMOCRACY rally.

A GOOD DAY 2 PIE: One of the current shows available for tour is not performed by me. It is a play about Monsanto and a protester who hit their CEO in the face with a pie to protest GMO’s and Bio-piracy. The play is performed by Kathleen Stansell.

As 'Vandana', Kathleen explains why you don't want to eat gmo soybeans.

As ‘Vandana’, Kathleen explains why you don’t want to eat gmo soybeans.

Video on Youtube

Review of the play performed at Brooklyn for Peace (spoiler alert)

A Clown, A Hammer, A Bomb, and God

Sorta gives you an idea of what my play is about. Picture from Owen Long, who does great work.

Sorta gives you an idea of what my play is about. Picture from Owen Long, who does great work.

On Good Friday 1994 (which fell on April Fool’s Day), a pacifist priest dressed in a clown costume (because he was a ‘Fool for Christ), broke into a Minuteman missile base in North Dakota and disabled a nuclear missile by hammering on its silo door so that it wouldn’t open. That part is a true story–and that’s what the play is about. I’ve had this play in rotation since 1997. Complete history of the play production here.

ON THE GRID: a play about the way that international ‘aid’ agencies stole everything that wasn’t nailed down in the countries of Africa and Asia. Details here.

The Story of Falling Don: the story of how I spent 9/11 and the days after. I performed it last in 2016 as part of an evening on forgiveness at OUR SAVIOUR’S ATONEMENT LUTHERAN CHURCH  in NYC.

Occupy Yo Mama: A one-woman play about the mother of adult children who should be at Zuccotti, but aren’t. If you’re interested in playing the role or producing it, contact me in the comments section.

Twenty Blocks north of the Rock Pile: A play about 9/11 and conspiracy theories about it. This was the counterpoint to my play about Falling Don. A New York expat in Sweden tells why he had to leave New York after the conspiracy theories started rolling in. Premiered at the 2019 Orlando Fringe Festival.

Goodnight LBJ: The true story of a Vietnam veteran who cared for addicted airmen–and was prosecuted in a landmark case by the Pentagon for organizing anti-war protests in-country. I wrote about the play here.

Other work:

The Hubbert Slope: The world has passed the peak of oil production (Hubbert’s Peak) and now we’re on the downhill run (the Hubbert Slope). And a retired Geologist who’s retired to Ireland wants to tell us what’s keeping him up at nights thinking about the ramifications. Just finished, waiting to start rehearsals when someone expresses interest in seeing it. More here.


These plays are all written and could be performed at your venue with a minimum of fuss on your part. By ‘venue’ I mean your lecture hall, school, church basement, or theater. I perform outside if it isn’t raining. If you want me to come in and perform, you can contact me using the form below.

But enough about me

Three of the plays mentioned above were originated by others–the actors came to me, we collaborated, we found a story for them to tell. I didn’t think all these plays up on my own and I collaborated with actors and together we found a way to perform something distinctive and memorable. They turned out pretty well, as I recall. I can write on demand. My feeling is that the maximum length on a solo show is fifty minutes. You must start out by offering me pizza and good beer.

Do you have a story you need to tell? 

Contact me and we’ll talk.

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